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In the Meantime

Just poking my head in here to let everyone know that I have not disappeared. I am still here, I am still slowly working on my goals and I will have updates coming. However, I have been very busy spending time with the family and getting some things prepared. I'll have an announcement to make within the next week and at that point I'll get back to releasing content on a weekly basis. Thank you all for sticking with me and I cannot wait to be back and a regular fixture of your lives again.

I failed September

September came and went and it ended up being a waste as far as weight loss is concerned.  The whole month came and went and here I sit mid way through October in some bad habits that I have literally watched myself reform with disinterest and lack of motivation to change it. First was vacation and I took off the healthy eating 100%, and I think that was my biggest mistake.  You see, my previous vacation was full of bad eating and snacking but I was still sticking to most of my rules during the course of it.  I was still fasting and I was still trying to give myself some sort of portion control.  This past vacation was nothing like that. This last vacation I ate what I wanted, when I wanted and as much as I wanted.  I got into my own head thinking that whatever harm I did here I could undo in a week once I was back at home.  Back at work.  Back at reality.   None of that happened. What had happened was that once I got back I showed a little bit of self control and I lost the coup