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Goals and Cliffhangers

Starting weight: 274.4 Weight at bedtime 6/29: 270.8 While I have no qualms about sitting here and taking the W on losing a few pounds over the last few days it comes with the free admission that this all happened during my days off from work where I have many less temptations than when I am not at home. The last couple of days have been pretty busy and as such I haven't had much time to sit around and work myself into a boredom hunger or anything similar. Tomorrow is back to the work grind and back to infinite temptations, the real reason that I sit here pounding the keyboard talking about how my love handles have love handles.  But whatever, such is life.  I have made my bed over the course of the past 5 years and now I lie in it slowly working my way out of the situation I have put myself in. I want to thank everyone for the support that I have gotten so far.  The kind words and the people talking about potentially joining in really lifts my spirits and helps out. 

A New Beginning

June 27th: 10 pm give or take. It’s not the most I’ve ever weighed but it also isn’t where I was expecting to be right about now. There was a wagon that I was on recently and then I took a suicide dive off of it into the land of cookies and chips. I don’t fall off the wagon nor do I cheat on my diet. I sabotage myself and destroy all progress I previously made and climb in a hole of self pity and doubt and refuse to allow myself to fight out of it. I know that today is June 29th but when I decided that this is the path I was taking this is how I ended my evening. My next post will be down a couple of pounds because I have started making some changes. You see, I've been battling being a big fat ass for most of my life. There have been times where I have been very unhappy with the way I look and feel but most of the time I just have accepted being fat as a part of who I am. I have fat in my family. I had gone through a period where I made excuses for being overweight -