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Vacation Weight Gain

I just got back from vacation and boy is my digestive system tired. Vacation was great, however I was away from the family and my support system.  I decided to just let my hair down (bald joke) and go hog wild. I ate everything under the sun and I washed it all down with some suds. I drank.  I drank every day of vacation. Some days I drank more than once. Have I ever mentioned that I love beer?  Well I do, and I made sure to take advantage of my freedom. I also had the pleasure of drinking some beers that are only available to me on the east coast, namely Yuengling and Blue Light. Today, my first day after vacation, I weighed in and I think I'm pregnant. I just pulled up my Fitbit app and over the course of my 5 days of vacation I managed to put on 6 pounds. I can erase that 6 pounds swiftly but I am definitely going to have to work at getting back into my normal routine and eating habits. Speaking of eating habits, I feel like I have mentioned that I have two we

Extra Life - Losing Weight for the Kids

This is going to be a bit different than my normal posts, but it is for a good cause.  Extra Life is a charity where gamers raise money for Children's Hospitals across the United States.  I've had several friends who have participated over the years and this year I joined up with a group to help raise money.   Please click the HERE  to go to my Extra Life page where you can donate to the cause. If you are donating to support my cause please let them know that your donation is because you came here because of this blog, this way I can track who donated and how long I have to go on my challenge (foreshadowing?) Being a member of team Mega Dads I had to think of something that I could do in order to help raise money to heal the kids.  I can't just let my good looks and charm take over and expect any type of donation, but I did come up with an idea. What if I used my journey to get healthy?  I'm into this fasting thing and I have been looking for a