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70 Difficult

Last year I went through #75Hard and came out the other end of it a better, and slimmer person.  Since that has ended I have continued to lose some weight and work on myself, but lately I have come to a point of stagnation. I've been talking to someone about getting my nutrition right because there is this theory out there that the body needs protein to build muscle so you can continue to lose weight the healthy way.  Since I have started changing the way I eat I have started regressing a little bit. You see, one of my biggest problems is that I'm a food addict.  I love food. I love to eat. I love to over eat and I love to eat all the stuff that is bad for me.  Intermittent Fasting helped me keep those urges under control and get me on the path of successful weight loss.  I have gone through the process twice now and when I stop fasting I start falling back into my old habits.  Once I start eating more regularly (instead of one or maybe 2 meals a day) then I start finding mysel