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It's the end of January as we know it - Yeah, I feel fine

 Sometimes you don't account for exhaustion.  I wanted to report back after every week and put out an update on where my mileage stood, but as you can see that did not happen.  Here I sit on January 31st and looking forward to my life returning to a little bit of normalcy as my 6 week work project is officially over and I'll be returning to my normal work shifts. I'll be able to get my sleeping patterns back, this is muy importante! Walk the Year - 2021 miles in 2021 As I approached this weekend I saw that 250 miles for January was within reach and I wanted to make sure I hit it.  Today I took a 3 mile walk with my wife and tonight I hit the elliptical for an hour so that I could guarantee that I got all my miles in.  While my Fitbit and my elliptical disagree with each other over how many steps I got in during that 1 hour trek it doesn't matter because I surpassed 250 miles no matter how you look at it. If I can keep up the pace of 250 miles per month then that will pu

Walk The Year Week 1 update

 As I have stated previously, I plan on continuing my journey into a better lifestyle during 2021 and beyond. Because of that dedication to myself I signed up for a challenge to log 2021 miles in 2021. I had one other person sign up with me and that is my good buddy, the Skinny Man in Texas, Ryan.  And as of right now we have one other person sharing their daily/weekly results with us on twitter. Week 1 results. Skinny Man in Texas: 66.44 Miles - Pace 3,464 Miles  Fat Man in Vegas: 53.86 Miles - Pace 2,808 Miles Smooth Man from Parts Unknown:  45.99 Miles - Pace 2,398 Miles Each one of us is on pace to hit 2021 individually before the end of the year! Keep up the great work and if anyone else out there is reading this, feel free to share your results. Remember, the goal isn't to outdo everyone else, the goal is to just try to do more than you did last year and to stay active!  I'd love to hear from anyone else with what they are doing in 2021 to improve.