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4 Weeks Down - #75 Hard

Not only have I finished one third of the program by this point but I can say that I have succesfully completed 4 weeks now. 28 days. Over the course of the past 28 days I have managed to take a total of 562,425 steps which equates to 251.09 miles! Holy cow that is a lot of steps and miles.  Looking at the data that way it is kind of amazing that in 28 days I could have physically walked 250+ miles. I'm very excited that I am on pace to have my One Million Steps in before completing 8 weeks of this program and that will equate to 500 miles.   Progress is one step at a time.  Keep your mind focused on your goals and you can make anything happen. This past week I have had a few trying days where I tried to talk myself out of completing my journey.  Tried to talk myself out of going on my final walk of the evening and just taking a nice long nap instead.  But the truth is I do not want to quit.  I have put this much time into it and I do not want to give up and go back to where I wa

Three Weeks Down - #75Hard

 As the days march on like ants on a log life is starting to get a lot easier.  It has been 3 weeks since I have had any type of snack/junk food and I feel great about that.  I have turned down candy bars, chips, gummies, donuts and ice cream over the past couple of weeks and lately I don't even have the cravings for them when I see them. As of this morning I weighed in at 259.7 pounds and I started at 271.5 on October 1st. According to my Aria scale I have gotten my BMI under 40 which means I went from holy crap you're fat  to you're still fat fatty, keep working at it. Last week I only walked 127,566 steps which puts me at 428,789 steps since October 1st.  This has me at over a 20,000 step pace per day.  I don't think I'll maintain that over the course of the full 75 days but I'm going to try my hardest to do it. A couple of days back I was cleaning out my dresser.  I have some fat clothes in there and some skinny clothes in there so I needed to just clear the

Two Weeks Down - #75Hard

 I'm sitting here at the table and it is 9 am.  I have my son doing his Kindergarten distance learning and I'm having my morning water with some Gfuel so I can get a bit of caffeine in me as I prepare for my day. I have pulled up my online Fitbit stats and for week 2 I walked 153,146 total steps.  This means I averaged over 20,000 steps every single day and I know yesterday I pulled in 25k alone.  These are still crazy numbers to me and I can't believe I'm doing it every day. For the total two weeks I am now stepping at 301,223 total steps.  Three Hundred Thousand steps in just two weeks.  My golly!  The things you can accomplish when you make it a point to get up and move every single day with no days off. On October 1st I was at 271.5 pounds and today I currently sit at 263.3 which means I am rapidly approaching that 10 pound loss.  I've known from before that when I am very consistent with my fasting I see results and adding in the extra walking every single day

One Week Down of #75Hard

 First I would like to thank the crazy bitch for reading and commenting.  Records get broken all of the time and I am currently working on a change of mindset and willpower to lose weight and keep it off.  I'm glad that losing weight, for you, is as easy as thinking about it and making it happen and I'm proud of you going out there and putting forth the power of being positive for others to follow. The other thing that I would like to thank you for was for having me think of this song which I loved when I was younger. I hope you keep reading and commenting, made my day. Now to report that I am quite happy to have hit 7 days with the challenge.  There were a few cravings and an almost slip or two in there but I held strong and hit my goals every single day. Thanks to walking approximately 4.5 miles every single day on top of whatever I would normally do my step count has increased dramatically.  At the beginning of the week I was definitely walking at a more brisk pace but the e

75 is a Long Time

 I took a look at myself in the mirror and didn't like what I saw.  I saw a man with goals and a destination but who lacked the consistent willpower to get himself there.  I saw a man who has lost nearly 100 pounds and gained 70 of it back only to lose 40 pounds and gain that back. I saw someone who had to make drastic change to his mentality if he wanted to break the cycle of success followed by inevitable failure. I also saw a handsome devil with a great biker beard. I saw myself. I've been putting a lot thought into the way I need to tackle my weight loss so that it can become a permanent change instead of a temporary one.   So, instead of changing my diet until I'm happier and then going back, I'm going to work on changing my mental state of being.  I'll also be changing my diet but the key focus is going to be changing the way I look at life and approach it. This is why I have decided on #75Hard.  I've looked at it in the past and wanted to attempt it but I

Rock the Pod

 Yeah, I tried it before and I'm trying it again.  Fact is that I don't often give myself time in the day to sit down and hammer out my thoughts on a computer (guess what? I'm typing on my phone for this one) but it is pretty easy for me to put on my earbuds and record my thoughts and feelings on my drive to or from work.   So, here is Fat Man in Vegas podcast 2.0. I started it on Anchor which is free and takes care of all the backend stuff for me. I will update as places go live. Currently you can listen: Spotify Anchor Thank you all for coming on this journey with me.  -FatManInVegas