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  I have a Book of Face friend who is starting up #75Hard today and I was immediately drawn to it. The first draw was that I went through the challenge last year and really enjoyed it.  It was hard and challenging and I felt that my life was improving during the challenge in different ways. Then the challenge ended and I took a break and then a vacation hit and then I decided to eat anything and everything I wanted and next thing you know BOOM, I not only fell off the wagon but I no longer had a way to track the wagon to see where it was any more.   During this break I was working on my protein and nutrients and over the course of 8 weeks I pretty much stayed the same weight.  I know that I would have lost weight if I was actually doing any real exercise in order to create a caloric deficit, but that wasn't happening.  I was enjoying not doing two 45 minute exercises per day. So, as it were, one thing led to another and there was some minor weight gain and here I sit thinking about