In the Meantime

Just poking my head in here to let everyone know that I have not disappeared.

I am still here, I am still slowly working on my goals and I will have updates coming.

However, I have been very busy spending time with the family and getting some things prepared.

I'll have an announcement to make within the next week and at that point I'll get back to releasing content on a weekly basis.

Thank you all for sticking with me and I cannot wait to be back and a regular fixture of your lives again.

I failed September

September came and went and it ended up being a waste as far as weight loss is concerned.  The whole month came and went and here I sit mid way through October in some bad habits that I have literally watched myself reform with disinterest and lack of motivation to change it.

First was vacation and I took off the healthy eating 100%, and I think that was my biggest mistake.  You see, my previous vacation was full of bad eating and snacking but I was still sticking to most of my rules during the course of it.  I was still fasting and I was still trying to give myself some sort of portion control.  This past vacation was nothing like that.

This last vacation I ate what I wanted, when I wanted and as much as I wanted.  I got into my own head thinking that whatever harm I did here I could undo in a week once I was back at home.  Back at work.  Back at reality.   None of that happened.

What had happened was that once I got back I showed a little bit of self control and I lost the couple of…

Vacation Weight Gain

I just got back from vacation and boy is my digestive system tired.
Vacation was great, however I was away from the family and my support system.  I decided to just let my hair down (bald joke) and go hog wild.

I ate everything under the sun and I washed it all down with some suds.

I drank.  I drank every day of vacation.
Some days I drank more than once.
Have I ever mentioned that I love beer?  Well I do, and I made sure to take advantage of my freedom.
I also had the pleasure of drinking some beers that are only available to me on the east coast, namely Yuengling and Blue Light.

Today, my first day after vacation, I weighed in and I think I'm pregnant.
I just pulled up my Fitbit app and over the course of my 5 days of vacation I managed to put on 6 pounds.

I can erase that 6 pounds swiftly but I am definitely going to have to work at getting back into my normal routine and eating habits.

Speaking of eating habits, I feel like I have mentioned that I have two weeks of overnights…

Extra Life - Losing Weight for the Kids

This is going to be a bit different than my normal posts, but it is for a good cause.  Extra Life is a charity where gamers raise money for Children's Hospitals across the United States.  I've had several friends who have participated over the years and this year I joined up with a group to help raise money.  
Please click the HERE to go to my Extra Life page where you can donate to the cause.
If you are donating to support my cause please let them know that your donation is because you came here because of this blog, this way I can track who donated and how long I have to go on my challenge (foreshadowing?)
Being a member of team Mega Dads I had to think of something that I could do in order to help raise money to heal the kids.  I can't just let my good looks and charm take over and expect any type of donation, but I did come up with an idea.

What if I used my journey to get healthy?  I'm into this fasting thing and I have been looking for an excuse to do a longer f…

Work in Progress

I am a work in progress.
My determination is a work in progress.
My will power is a work in progress.

I have my good days and my bad days but as long as the good days well out number my bad days I will continue to make progress towards my ultimate goal, being healthier.

Another week has passed and I am down overall during the course of that week. That means that this is also the last week of Challenge Round 9 and it is time to make sure I hit my goal and knock it out of the water.

I had great feedback on my last post where I talked about the types of people who weigh-in and a lot of my friends told me that they are also a Type 3, much like myself.  For some reason, knowing this information is comforting.

Another friend told me that I should look at my weeks in terms of what my average weight was instead of what I weigh each individual day.  With this in mind, and luckily enough, my Fitbit app keeps track of this information for me.

So, while yesterday I broke down and just had an awf…

Importance of the Long Haul

There are three types of people when it comes to weight loss.

1 - The type of person who never weighs themselves and just goes on with their life judging success by the mirror and how their clothes fit.

2 - The person who picks a day of the week and weighs themselves at the same time of day on that day of the week religiously.

3 - The person who weighs themselves every day and even though they are aware that weight fluctuates they overanalyze the daily fluctuations. 

I am a type 3 personality in this scenario.  In fact, I was worse when I first started this as I was weighing myself at night and in the morning.  My Fitbit app was full of fluctuations because of this.  So, I ended up having to cut out the evening weigh-ins (or at last the ones on the scale that sends the data to Fitbit) and just focus on the morning ones. 

Because of this I look at the daily fluctuations and try to figure out what I did differently and why the scale was moving in whatever direction.  For the past week,…

Wagon Mounting Day

Yesterday I ate all the things.  Before I could make it to work I was unusually hungry.  I've been eating my one meal every day at work and I had plans on going at least 24 hours yesterday, but it all went awry when I just couldn't shake the feeling of hunger in the morning.

So, instead of waiting until I got to work, I decided that I would eat lunch and then go for at least 24 hours by skipping my normal meal at work.  All was fine (and dandy) until I got to work and for some reason I was just in an off mood and decided to make some bad decisions.  I had a snack before work which was highly unhealthy and high in calories.

Once dinner time at work hit my entire day had been steadily going downhill and I ended up eating a bag of chips for dinner.  In my mind, the whole time, I knew these were bad decisions but I really just didn't want to stop myself, so I didn't.  I knew that there would be a gain on the scales the next morning and I could just regroup then and get ba…