January 2020 an exercise in failure

It's slightly after 10 pm on January 31st and I sit here reflecting the past month and everything that I wanted to accomplish but didn't.

We all make our own choices and all of mine revolved around how I handle stress and stick to my goals during such a time and the truth is that this past month I failed in more ways that one.  It was my own self control and my lack of discipline that has put me into this spot and I fully realize it.  It is my blame to shoulder and I don't have issue with it.

What I have issue with is that I really had no discipline this past month.  Even tonight I caved in, even though I tried really hard to just fight it.  Tonight was better than what I wanted it to be though.  I really wanted to leave work and hit up Jack-in-the-Box and get some of those delicious mini tacos and come home and slam them down with a few beers.  That is not what happened and it took a big fight with myself but I drove home and felt better about life.

I did, however, grab a …

Stress and the New Year

Hello people getting healthier in 2020.

I have finally recorded my initial thoughts for this year and plan on doing it twice a month.
I also plan on writing something here at least once a month to fill in the gaps as well.

Being that work is extremely stressful right now my free time is next to zero.  However, after the first or second week of February things will go back to normal and I'll be able to get into a better, more consistent routine. 

If there is anything anyone wants me to discuss let me know, leave a comment and I'll be sure to touch upon it as best as I can.

Thank You.

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New Years Revolutions 2020

2019 has come and gone and overall it was a great year for me.  When I look back on it I do so fondly and know that there are things I started that I will build upon and things that didn't work which I will discontinue.

That being said, it is currently the time of year to look ahead to what is in store and what I want to work on.  So, to fall in line with the social norms (this is still a social norm right?  This didn't stop being a thing did it?) I wish to present to you my New Years Revolutions!

These will be all over the place and, of note, I am also doing some daily (or weekly; or weakly) housekeeping in a journal this year which I will then translate to the written (and audio) internet form.

I bought this really cool looking Deadpool notebook and have been trying to figure out what to use it for.

New Years Revolutions
2020 Edition

Over the course of 2020 I want to read six books.  That is read with my eyes, the old fashioned way.  Whether it is a physical book or …

#75Hard Week 1 Done

In a completely arbitrary way, completely based on the way my Fitbit tracks things, I have decided that Monday is the beginning of the week for this #75HardChallenge.

Now, I know that I started the challenge on a Wednesday and to those out there who are going to be bothered by the oddity of Monday being the beginning of the week but this starting on a Wednesday, I stick my tongue in your general direction.

So, lets go over some of my first week(ish) of stats.

The day I started I weighed in at 244.4 pounds which really wasn't bad considering I haven't been structured for about a month or so.  It was essentially 5 pounds above where I left off and when you are fat, like I am, then weight can fluctuate wildly and quickly.  Easy come and easy go.  Discipline is the hard part.

As the week ended I was down to 238.1 pounds and feeling really good about life.  Drinking plenty of water every single day and dedicating myself to fasting has once again triggered my weight loss so that I c…

The Plague of 2019

At first I was afraid, I was petrified.
I kept thinking I could never live when my kids had the croup.
And I spent so many nights not sleeping at all
But I learned How to get along.
I learned how to be strong.
And then a head Cold sent me into Outer Space.
And you told me I had a stupid look upon my face.
We should have changed the F'n Locks.
We should have never had extra keys.
The Plague doctor moved in for a week and he really bothered me.
And just when I thought it was all done.
A chest cold moved in and had me on the run.
Stupid Plague of 2019 visited us.
And worst of all?
It was during my Vacation!

Oh Crap.


Well that happened and today is the last day of my "Vacation" which apparently meant a vacation from health.

It all started so innocently with the kids getting sick.  Then the kids started puking.  Then the kids caught the Croup.  Everyone in my house except for that pesky teenager was sick for at least one day.

But here I sit, last day of vacation and hea…

In the Meantime

Just poking my head in here to let everyone know that I have not disappeared.

I am still here, I am still slowly working on my goals and I will have updates coming.

However, I have been very busy spending time with the family and getting some things prepared.

I'll have an announcement to make within the next week and at that point I'll get back to releasing content on a weekly basis.

Thank you all for sticking with me and I cannot wait to be back and a regular fixture of your lives again.

I failed September

September came and went and it ended up being a waste as far as weight loss is concerned.  The whole month came and went and here I sit mid way through October in some bad habits that I have literally watched myself reform with disinterest and lack of motivation to change it.

First was vacation and I took off the healthy eating 100%, and I think that was my biggest mistake.  You see, my previous vacation was full of bad eating and snacking but I was still sticking to most of my rules during the course of it.  I was still fasting and I was still trying to give myself some sort of portion control.  This past vacation was nothing like that.

This last vacation I ate what I wanted, when I wanted and as much as I wanted.  I got into my own head thinking that whatever harm I did here I could undo in a week once I was back at home.  Back at work.  Back at reality.   None of that happened.

What had happened was that once I got back I showed a little bit of self control and I lost the couple of…