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#75Hard Week 1 Done

In a completely arbitrary way, completely based on the way my Fitbit tracks things, I have decided that Monday is the beginning of the week for this #75HardChallenge. Now, I know that I started the challenge on a Wednesday and to those out there who are going to be bothered by the oddity of Monday being the beginning of the week but this starting on a Wednesday, I stick my tongue in your general direction. So, lets go over some of my first week(ish) of stats. The day I started I weighed in at 244.4 pounds which really wasn't bad considering I haven't been structured for about a month or so.  It was essentially 5 pounds above where I left off and when you are fat, like I am, then weight can fluctuate wildly and quickly.  Easy come and easy go.  Discipline is the hard part. As the week ended I was down to 238.1 pounds and feeling really good about life.  Drinking plenty of water every single day and dedicating myself to fasting has once again triggered my weight loss so

The Plague of 2019

At first I was afraid, I was petrified. I kept thinking I could never live when my kids had the croup. And I spent so many nights not sleeping at all But I learned How to get along. I learned how to be strong. And then a head Cold sent me into Outer Space. And you told me I had a stupid look upon my face. We should have changed the F'n Locks. We should have never had extra keys. The Plague doctor moved in for a week and he really bothered me. And just when I thought it was all done. A chest cold moved in and had me on the run. Stupid Plague of 2019 visited us. And worst of all? It was during my Vacation! Oh Crap. Yeah. Well that happened and today is the last day of my "Vacation" which apparently meant a vacation from health. It all started so innocently with the kids getting sick.  Then the kids started puking.  Then the kids caught the Croup.  Everyone in my house except for that pesky teenager was sick for at least one day. But here I sit, last