Vacation Weight Gain

I just got back from vacation and boy is my digestive system tired.
Vacation was great, however I was away from the family and my support system.  I decided to just let my hair down (bald joke) and go hog wild.

I ate everything under the sun and I washed it all down with some suds.

I drank.  I drank every day of vacation.
Some days I drank more than once.
Have I ever mentioned that I love beer?  Well I do, and I made sure to take advantage of my freedom.
I also had the pleasure of drinking some beers that are only available to me on the east coast, namely Yuengling and Blue Light.

Today, my first day after vacation, I weighed in and I think I'm pregnant.
I just pulled up my Fitbit app and over the course of my 5 days of vacation I managed to put on 6 pounds.

I can erase that 6 pounds swiftly but I am definitely going to have to work at getting back into my normal routine and eating habits.

Speaking of eating habits, I feel like I have mentioned that I have two weeks of overnights coming up and after some intense conversation with myself (and my buddy's wife) I have decided that I am going Carnivore.  Well, for those two weeks that is.

I told my healthy eating buddy about this and she got very excited as she has been looking for an excuse to do it as well but wants an accountability partner.
I am that guy.

So now I have one week to prepare for this two week experiment.  I'm curious to see how this affects how I feel, how I look and how I perceive myself after the two week period.  I don't feel like it is something I'll do long term but if all works out well I like the idea of doing it for two weeks every couple of months.

She also introduced me to 75 Hard and I'm looking at adopting the rules to my liking and giving it an attempt.  75 days is a long time to commit to something so I have to make sure that I have all of my ground rules set.

Extra-Life follow up.

I put out a challenge to some folks that if I were to raise $50 I would shave off my beard since I am not sure that my daughter has ever seen me without some sort of facial hair.
I am currently sitting at $40 and only $10 away from reaching this goal.

My ultimate goal is to raise $200 for the season (this is my first year actively trying to raise money) and as I put out on my last blog post, for every $10 I will add 1 hour to a fast as I attempt my longest fast ever (at a max of 48 hours, though I'll try to go longer).

As long as I get some donations towards the fasting goal I will count all of my donations towards that goal as well.  I am starting at 24 hours and each $10 adds an hour to it.

So, if you want to donate towards a good cause please click my Extra-Life link and see how the charity makes a difference.  I encourage you to donate to help out.

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me.



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