70 Difficult

Last year I went through #75Hard and came out the other end of it a better, and slimmer person.  Since that has ended I have continued to lose some weight and work on myself, but lately I have come to a point of stagnation.

I've been talking to someone about getting my nutrition right because there is this theory out there that the body needs protein to build muscle so you can continue to lose weight the healthy way.  Since I have started changing the way I eat I have started regressing a little bit.

You see, one of my biggest problems is that I'm a food addict.  I love food. I love to eat. I love to over eat and I love to eat all the stuff that is bad for me.  Intermittent Fasting helped me keep those urges under control and get me on the path of successful weight loss.  I have gone through the process twice now and when I stop fasting I start falling back into my old habits.  Once I start eating more regularly (instead of one or maybe 2 meals a day) then I start finding myself hungry more often and I start finding myself reaching for snacks and next thing you know I've lost track of what I have eaten and how much and I've gone over my calories and carbs and everything stalls.

Even with tracking my food I have run into this problem over the last few weeks but it wasn't obvious to me.  I am starting to see it now.

With that in mind I have decided to re-focus myself in a couple of ways.  When I was doing 75 Hard I was doing two workouts per day, most of the time two 45 minute walks.  So Over the next 70 days I am going to dedicate myself to getting back to those two workouts. 

This time instead of 2 walks a day, one of my workouts is going to involve resistance bands to help build muscle.

I am also setting forth macro goals that I want to hit every day and forcing myself to stay within those goals. If I happen to, say for instance, take my wife out to a late Valentines dinner which will consist of foods I normally wouldn't eat, then I have to plan accordingly and work that food into my macros even if it means that rest of my meals will be bowls of broccoli just to get food into my system. (On a side note, I just discovered that broccoli has two "o"s in the word and even though spell check told me it was wrong I couldn't figure out why).

I've been thinking about my macros all day long and this is what I have come up with.

Protein: Minimum of 150 grams every single day.  150 is the absolute lowest amount that I will allow myself to have.  Ideally I want to hit at least 175 while shooting for 200.

Carbs: I need to keep my carbs under 100 grams.  This is going to take some focus and dedication.  For instance, I am cutting out milk and going to substitutes in the "nut juice" family.  I'm sorry but almond milk and cashew milk are not really a thing.  You cannot milk a nut, they are nut juices.  Both of them I am going with unsweetened varieties which give one gram of carbs in an 8 ounce serving.

Fats and calories are going to fall where they lie.  Ideally i'd like fats to fall between 100 and 125 and my calories top out at 2000 max.  Honestly i'd like my calories closer to 1500 to facilitate my weight loss but I know i'd have to cut out a whole lot of flavor in things I eat to make that happen.

Today was day 1.

I woke up and went down stairs to get my exercise in.

I did a mile on the elliptical and then did 4 different muscle building exercises with the resistance bands.  I repeated this process 3 times and when I was done I was sweating and tired.

Each rotation I upped the resistance band to challenge myself and starting as soon as tomorrow I am going to start upping the resistance on the elliptical as well to make me work harder to hit my goals.

My goal is still to hit 200 pounds by April 25th.

I am not on track.

I just need to force myself to be better, to push harder and to want it more.

Summer Beach Body here I come!



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