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  I have a Book of Face friend who is starting up #75Hard today and I was immediately drawn to it.

The first draw was that I went through the challenge last year and really enjoyed it.  It was hard and challenging and I felt that my life was improving during the challenge in different ways.

Then the challenge ended and I took a break and then a vacation hit and then I decided to eat anything and everything I wanted and next thing you know BOOM, I not only fell off the wagon but I no longer had a way to track the wagon to see where it was any more.  

During this break I was working on my protein and nutrients and over the course of 8 weeks I pretty much stayed the same weight.  I know that I would have lost weight if I was actually doing any real exercise in order to create a caloric deficit, but that wasn't happening.  I was enjoying not doing two 45 minute exercises per day.

So, as it were, one thing led to another and there was some minor weight gain and here I sit thinking about doing #75Hard for the second time or at least doing a modified version of it in order to get my weight loss back on track and start pushing towards my current goal of hitting 200 pounds for the first time since college.

What this means for me is that I need to get back to intentional exercise again because I need the extra moving around.  

In the mornings when I walk my mini-me to school I will turn those into 45 minute walks.  I'm using my Fitbit to track the amount of time I'm walking to make sure that I don't come under.

I'm also going to get back to taking a 45 minute walk during my work lunch break.  Sitting down and eating is so boring and really doesn't take an hour so I need to be productive with my time instead of just being lazy.

I'll get back to the gallon of water drank every day as well.   These are life changes that I have no reason to stop honestly.

At the end of #75Hard I was around 225 and today I am around 235.  So goal number 1 is to get myself back to 225 so that I can progress to 200.

This will also help me hit my Walk The Year goals of 2021 miles in 2021 which I am currently on track to hit mid October.  Ideally I want to hit this before my birthday and I only have to get an extra mile or two a day to hit.

The other thing I wanted to point out is that I received a notification that google is killing another app for no reason at all.  Feedburner is going away.

Feedburner is googles own way to subscribe to blogs so that you get email notification when a new one is posted.  While I only have a few subscribers to this blog I am sure it helps people keep up to date when a new post hits and I will look for a replacement so that I don't lose those 4 readers.


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