Goals and Cliffhangers

Starting weight: 274.4
Weight at bedtime 6/29: 270.8

While I have no qualms about sitting here and taking the W on losing a few pounds over the last few days it comes with the free admission that this all happened during my days off from work where I have many less temptations than when I am not at home.

The last couple of days have been pretty busy and as such I haven't had much time to sit around and work myself into a boredom hunger or anything similar.

Tomorrow is back to the work grind and back to infinite temptations, the real reason that I sit here pounding the keyboard talking about how my love handles have love handles.  But whatever, such is life.  I have made my bed over the course of the past 5 years and now I lie in it slowly working my way out of the situation I have put myself in.

I want to thank everyone for the support that I have gotten so far.  The kind words and the people talking about potentially joining in really lifts my spirits and helps out.  Knowing that I have support from others increases my likelihood to continue tenfold.

So at some point I should set some goals and putting that off really doesn't make sense.  Goals give you something to strive for but I suppose that is pretty much in the definition and I'm just trying to make this longer.

I haven't decided how I am going to handle reaching my goals yet.  I'm thinking colossal cheat day for meeting a major goal and maybe a good snack for hitting the minor ones.

I figure every 10 pounds should be something to strive for and breaking those 10 pound chunks off at the even numbers is the best way to go about that.  So that means 260, 250, 240 etc.

The bigger goals will be in 25 pound increments and the first goal will be 250 (due to rounding and being easy for the sake of being easy).

My overall 1st major this is what I am setting out to accomplish long run goal is going to be hitting my wedding weight of 220 pounds.  This is a 55 pound weight loss journey with a lot of built in goals and while it won't be easy I feel I should be able to stay on point because every time I reach a goal another one will be within reach.

So, even though I ate a good amount today I am hoping that by the time I get myself to bed and do my nightly weigh-in I'll be at or below 270 so that my next goal is less than 10 pounds away.

One of the big things that I really need to start doing in planning ahead what I'll be taking to work for food and snacks to help me fight the urge to buy junk food at work.  I need to make sure I have lunch meat and cheese to take daily.  I've really kinda been craving making a good old fashioned cucumber sandwich lately so that would also help me hit some veggies for the day.  And I should get some cauliflower for snacking.  It would also help if I got back into eating bland almonds as a snack food as well.

It is this first week that is the real test.
We also have a vacation at the end of July where we are taking the kids to the beach for a couple of days so I gotta get myself Beach-Body Ready!!  I'm going to turn so many heads.

The following is what we in the industry call foreshadowing.
Who is this We that I speak of?  None of your damned business.
What is the Industry that is referenced?  Don't make me slap you for asking stupid questions.
Can you get to the foreshadowing already?

Well, actually no - because I have nothing to foreshadow.  As I was typing up the above I realized that it is less foreshadowing and more ending things on a Cliffhanger.   Speaking of cliffhangers, do any of you realize how hard it is to find a picture from that movie that doesn't look strangely homoerotic?  Seriously, throw that crap in your google machine and see what kind of images come up.

Cliffhanger: in my locker is a rather large amount of Oreo cookies that are waiting to tempt me.  They are delicious and I picked them up at Sam's Club last week sometime. 
My first challenge is opening that locker and fighting off the demons of temptation and either getting rid of the cookies at work or bringing them home and letting the kids eat them.

Can I make it without sliding one into my mouth and giving into temptation?
Will I get a hold of someone at work to make them disappear before I even get there to make life easy?
Find out Next Time on the exciting conclusion to:

To Oreo or not to Oreo - I'm salivating already.

- FatManinVegas


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