2021 in a nutshell

2021 has now gone and one of the biggest goals I set for myself I nailed!
To walk 2021 miles in 2021.
I have attached the information from my Fitbit below:
5,099,613 steps
2300.98 miles

That is a lot of steps and I'm proud that I accomplished the goal I set out to hit.

It is over and I need to look ahead to where I will be in 2022.  The obvious answer is that I want to walk 2022 miles in 2022 and continue the trend.  I have some friends who also played along last year, Mathman and RedeyeJay, and I believe they will be going for the same goal this year.

However, I would also like to improve upon what I did last year and get to at least 5,100,000 steps.

This comes out to almost 13,973 steps every day.  That is such an odd number so let's bump it up to 14,000 steps minimum and that puts us at 5,110,000 steps for the year.

If I can manage to get my average to 15,000 steps every day then I would be up to 5,475,000.  

Usually I start the year out strong and then fade a bit as the end approaches.  You can see that in the chart above as well.  There are spikes but in general I did not finish the year as strongly as I started it.

In addition to getting more steps in and trying to keep my activity level up I am also trying to get back to being a bit healthier.  The holidays are now over and that means it is time for a Junk Food Cleanse.
No Junk Food January is how I have decided to start the year. 

You know what really got me near the end of last year?  It wasn't the ice cream nor the potato chips nor was it candy bars. 

No, it was Warm Apple Pies (and Strawberry Creme Pies) from McDonalds.  Oh, they were introduced to me and they were damned delicious.  I consumed a hefty amount of them and every day I had an internal debate on if I was going to stop at the Golden Arches and order myself two of the pies or not.

In January I have put that to rest and I am not having any junk food to start the year.

Ideally I would like to give myself a different challenge every month and keep them all at improving myself in some way.

In addition to my monthly goals I want to come back here and recap how things went so that I can spend more time reflecting and passing on what I have gleaned from what I'm attempting to do.

What are you doing in 2022 to improve yourself?

 - FatManinVegas


  1. fat people are much more likely to die of covid than unvaccinated people are.

    1. Thank you Dr Fauci for your amazing contribution to my blog.


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