And Now for some Rules

Last night this picture was taken a bit earlier than my normal because after a day of cleaning the house and then grilling and eating in the hot sun, not to mention the drinking serge - never forget the drinking, I was what they would call exhausted.

So because off all the fun in the sun this was a gain of 1.6 pounds

And here we are in the morning with a 2 pound gain over the same picture from the previous morning.
No regrets.  I went into the day knowing that I was throwing caution to the wind and just having a great 4th of July with my family and that is what I did.

My Hamburgers were amazing, we even used better meat for the occasion.  My Corn was delicious.  My My My, basically I overate and enjoyed every second of it.

So, before I get into the meat and potatoes of the post, does anyone have a preference on when I post disgusting pictures of my feet?   Should I continue to put the pictures first or should I jump into whatever post topic I came up with?   Just realizing that some people might not want the foot fetish section first every time because they'll always be skipping ahead.

I digress.

Rules: you cannot succeed without them, or so I'm told.

Rule #1 - Snacking is acceptable in moderation.
Translation #1 - There is nothing inherently wrong with snacking.  Everything is perfectly fine in moderation.  Moderation is the key.  Moderation is a word that I have misinterpreted as "eat whatever the hell you want whenever the hell you want" but I have been told that is not the true definition.   So, now I'm all about that moderation life. 
For instance - the other day a co-worker offered me a handful of combos and I didn't say "Nope, I'm on a diet and I need to throw this in everyone's face to make you feel bad about offering me junk food when I clearly AM NOT EATING IT YOU DISGUSTING PIG."  Instead, I put my hand out and had a handful and went on with my day and made sure that was the only snack I had.
I exercised self control and didn't die.  Normally I would buy a bag of combo's and just eat the whole thing.  The key for me is not allowing myself to make the purchase so that I don't give into the temptation.

Rule #2 - Don't drink your calories.
Translation # 2 - When one wants to achieve a weight which is lower than the weight that they are currently at then their calories should be obtained by the food they are putting in their system and not high calorie high sugar liquids.   Yes, this means drink more water because water is good for you.  Well, at the very least water has proven to be not bad for you (all apologies to my readers in Flint Michigan who would argue against me here).  So, if I'm going to pick up a soda or an energy drink (my wife doesn't read this, it is a safe space) then it has to be a zero calorie version.
Exception #1 - Beer.  There is always room for beer.  Also, it has been scientifically proven that if you drink a lot of beer you can lose weight (and sometimes time travel as you can lose hours or even days).

Rule # 3 - Don't consume after 7 pm
Translation # 3 - Now this is basically what is known as intermittent fasting but those are big words to say "hey fatty, stop eating so late at night."  Most nights I work until 10 pm and don't get home until closer to 11 pm.  My dinner break is generally over by 7 pm so why do I have to consume calories after I've eaten dinner for the day?  In fact, what this rule does is helps me to keep focused and avoid those late night drive home ice cream stops or stops and Jack-in-the-Box for some jalapeno poppers.  Thus far this rule has helped me keep on track on one occasion because I really really really wanted to stop and get something but I talked myself out of it.
Exception #2 - Enjoy that nice cold beer after a hard day at work.  Ain't nobody taking that pleasure away from me.

That is basically it for now.  I'm taking this slow and easy and not overwhelming myself with rules and frustration.

Are there any topics you want to see me touch upon?  Any questions?

Tomorrow marks 1 week from my first photo weigh-in and I think that deserves something special.
My definition of special might be way different than your definition of special.

Thank you all for your continued support.



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