Gave in to Temptation

I have an absolute Monster of a caffeine addiction.  I consume energy drinks like a Rockstar goes through booze.  The caffeine Reigns through my blood system like surviving a Quake (too soon?) and BANG! instant energy.

OK, enough corniness - but the truth of the matter is that I do have an awful caffeine addiction that I have nearly kicked multiple times.  It's like an alcohol addiction and when I think I'm clear of it one little taste brings me right back.

There have been a couple of times in the past where I have gotten myself off of the energy drinks and then something weird happens like I have to wake up at 5 am or earlier for an entire week and I cave in to the cravings and pick up an energy drink to help make it through the day and BLAMMO, next thing you know I'm drinking two or more a day and right back into my routine.

I'm trying to kick them again.  Trying is the key word here.  So with that in mind I spent my 4th of July not having one and trying to get them out of my system.  The 5th was going really well until I got a notification on my phone from Reddit that there is a new Marshmallow Flavored Rockstar and all I can think about is finding one and drinking it.  I love Marshmallow!

So there I was out buying supplies for work and I searched and searched but was unable to locate my desired beverage of choice.  I hit up two different 7-11's and even was in two Smith's (grocery store) looking for this delicious (supposedly) marshmallow flavored beverage but failing.  Yes, I realize how ridiculous it sounds but at this point I was low on caffeine and kind of obsessing.  Anyway, I couldn't find it but in one of those delicious drink coolers I spotted another new Rockstar drink that says it was Sour Apple.  I looked at it, picked it up and put it down multiple times and then I noticed that it was calorie free and I talked myself into buying it because I wouldn't be drinking any calories and man I really love apple flavored energy drinks!  What I should have done is walked away because it was not what I was after.


I am weak at times but this journey is about working on it and developing better habits instead.
July 6th was much better as I decided to get back on board with the no energy drink bandwagon and succeeded.  Today is July 7th and I am not working today and will make it two days in a row.

Now all I have to do is avoid any place that sells energy drinks, you know, like all gas stations, grocery stores, retail stores and pretty much the entire world!

One day at a time.

I will overcome this temptation along with the others and I will be better off for it in the long run.

I am here for the long run this time.
I promise.
And this time I mean it!

In other news a few good decisions and being very obese makes it pretty easy to lose weight when you are at the beginning of the journey and the pounds are currently melting off.

I know that this will slow down and become harder in the near future but I am enjoying the motivation of losing the first easy part.

So, the first 10 have disappeared which means the next minor goal is getting below 260 and the next big goal is getting down to 250 because that will essentially be 25 pounds.

So today I am going to enjoy an Ice Cream sandwich today in celebration of my first achievement and I'm also going to enjoy a couple of burgers.

Hope you all have a great Sunday even though we all know they aren't great until football season is back.



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