Keeping it Realistic

This picture was taken somewhere around 8 am.  My evening picture was not taken because last night when I went to bed I was barely able to function enough to make it up the stairs and find the covers.  I was T-I-R-E-D!

When I woke up this morning I noticed that I somehow managed to get my clothes off, but exhausted doesn't even begin to describe how I was feeling so.... no evening picture.

This whole snapping picture routine so that you all can see my hairy legs and those beautiful toes is going to get old quickly and as such I really should take 10 minutes to get my other scale working.  That scale has a great built in feature that it auto updates my weight on MyFitnessPal so that all I have to do is pull out my phone and I can share a screenshot of my last few weigh-ins instead of having to sync my phone and bring up these ugly pics instead.   Unless, you know, y'all really want to keep seeing pictures of my naked feet.  Please feel free to let me know if that is the case and you'll be darn tootin' that I keep uploading those beautiful gams of mine.

Temptation is a bitch.  It is something that I am well aware of going into this phase of my life with the adjustments that I am inching my way towards making.  However I do still want to live the life I want and be creative the way I want.  For instance, every now and then I make a couple of videos for my buddy Dave who runs the website Forget Being Cool where he has a family of YouTube shows and podcasts.  The two that I sometimes help with are Time 2 Taste and Beverage Buddies.   So I'll pick up some new to me things, pig down and record my thoughts.

July 1st is a day I have been planning on since I saw the advertisement.  Today, July 1st, KFC Unleashed on the world the Cheetos Chicken Sandwich and there is nothing in this world that could have stopped me from eating it (not even forgetting it existed).

Today I had it all planned out.  I ate some bacon in the morning and I was taking some food to work with me.  However I decided that I really wanted some yogurt so I hit up Walmart before work and bought some.  Driving away from Walmart is when I noticed the KFC and that sent my mind to the past where it dug up the memory of me reading that fateful tweet that come July 1st we would have the most delightful thing thrust upon the universe and it was at that point that I told myself I absolutely had to try it and record my impressions.

You see, this Chicken Sandwich is a limited edition thing and I didn't want to have to set a goal to hit to eat it only to come and find out that the juicy pieces of chicken mixed with Cheetos and Cheetos sauce were no longer in production.  No, that would send me into a depression that only alcohol could cure and no one wants that.

So I pulled in and ordered and noticed that they had a new Mt Dew flavor I had never heard of so, like duh, I had to order one off those as well.   The packaging of the product is top notch and I give it 5-stars for that alone.   However I have to deduct 2 stars because I wasn't smart enough to keep the packaging for future use and based on my goals and desires I cannot have another one of these until I achieve a certain amount of weight lost.  Oh, hell hath no wrath like a fat-man scorned by limited time only food.

The Mt Dew was not bad but there was nothing spectacular about it.  All of my thoughts and emotions can easily be summed up as "It's no Livewire."

Do you see how amazing that looks?
Do you see the Cheetos Cheese Sauce sitting down there waiting for a finger to be run through it and then licked off?
Do you see whatever that white creamy substance is? I can only guess it is mayo because mayo and chicken go amazingly well together.

Yes, this sandwich was everything I dreamed it should be and more.  It was juicy and savory and the crunch of the Cheetos mixed well with the juicy nature of the chicken.  I had to wipe my face clean after just one bite and I hated the fact that I had to talk about my opinion when all I wanted to do was cram this delicious piece of life into my face faster and faster.

It was amazing.  It was better than it looks.  It was the nearly perfect chicken sandwich.

I hope limited time only doesn't actually mean limited time only.  I hope that this is so successful that they, at the very least, bring it back a couple of times per year like the McRib from McDonalds.   I hope that this is so successful that they introduce more Cheetos flavors as options because I would love to order a Flaming Hot Cheetos Chicken Sandwich or the Chipotle version they have as well.

If you want to see a fat man talk and eat and sometimes both at the same time then this is the video for you.  This is the video I filmed for my buddy.

Enough about this which just makes me hungrier.
I had a challenge to overcome today and I was successful.

The dreaded box of Oreo cookies.  Nobody removed them for me so they were still sitting there went to work.   I am happily reporting that I did not eat any of them today.  I gave some away and I brought the rest home for the kids (if they are good) so that the temptation was gone.

Overall I feel like even though lunch was more calories than I was anticipating that my day went well.  I drank a lot of water, I didn't give in to a junk food temptation and I haven't eaten anything after 7pm.  It is almost midnight and I am ready to get myself to bed because tomorrow I work both jobs and a whole new slew of temptations will be waiting for me when I get to work.

I need to wake up early so that I can hit up the grocery store before work so that I can bring lunch meat, cheese and something healthy to snack on while I am working.  A 10 minute trip to the store should be able to easily slay the snack demon for at least another day.

I'll also have an evening weight picture (tonight) to go with my morning (tomorrow) picture so that if I am not too tired to sit down and pound out some words you'll have more pictures of my feet in your face and in your dreams.

Thank you all for your continued support.
Please let me know what you think.  What do you want me to talk about?  Do you like what I'm doing so far?
Please share this as well so that I can get more eyes on my prize.

- FatManinVegas


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