My Day off Conundrum

This current week has taught me that I probably need to come up with a separate routine to go along with the routine that I feel comfortable with at work.

When I have working days I have set times that I can take my meal breaks so my pattern is very easy to maintain.  Days when I do not work it is a bit harder because we, as a family, do not have specified times for dinner and we tend to be on the go a good amount.  My past two days off I ended up finishing my meals at 7 PM instead of earlier and while it may not seem like much it does tend to throw off my routine for the next day.  I either have to extend the time when I normally eat or eat normally but cut my fast shorter.

This is really not a big deal but it is something that I have ran into so I need to figure it out so my OCD doesn't kick in and throw me into chaos.

Also, we had some Mochi balls in the freezer for the past few weeks and I noticed that we were down to just one left.  I decided that it was a bad idea to let that one there all by itself so I ate it.  Eating that did nothing for me.  I enjoyed it but not in the way that I would have just two weeks ago.   I consider that a really big win because I didn't crave more and even the next day and after I have had no desire to eat poorly.   I don't recognize this new me quite yet.

Last night I changed from a wet pair of shorts into another pair and as I was walking around the house I found that these shorts which barely fit a month ago were now loose and I actually had to go upstairs to get a belt in order to be comfortable.  Amazing.  I don't feel i'm quite down to the next size but i'm approaching it rapidly.

When I was in the process of going from my amazing wedding weight to the fat slob I became I went up multiple pant sizes but as I went from one to the other I kept some of them because I kept telling myself that eventually I would lose weight again and get back into the smaller sizes.

I started this journey in a size 44 and I feel that sometime next month I'll comfortably be in a size 42 as I continue this journey to get back into the clothes I was wearing when I got married.  I'll be sure to celebrate every time I drop down a size but I don't quite know how I will be doing it.

In less than a week I will be on vacation and I think during those few days I am going to put the intermittent fasting on hold.  My overall plan is to eat much healthier than I normally do on vacation and I plan on smaller portions, but due to the nature of vacation and not sure when that next meal is coming I think I'm just going to take it as it comes.  A small breakfast and probably skipping lunch but eating dinner.  So, I'll have two smaller fasts closer to 10-12 hours a piece instead of one big fast and I feel I'll be safe and jump right back into it when I get home.

Also, once we get back home I have a week of overnight shifts awaiting me so I think i'm going to use this time to attempt to do OMAD at least once but try to get in some 20/4 days instead of 18/6.

I'm also debating on whether or not I should bring my laptop along on vacation so that I can type up some updates at the end of the evening when I'm relaxing before passing out.  I think typing the updates will help keep me grounded and typing on a laptop is so much easier than trying to type up an entry on my phone.

On the podcast feed for the Backlog Busters I released a companion podcast to go with this blog because I really just felt like talking about it and I hope you all check it out.  You can find it on most any podcasting app and Spotify.  The link to the episode on Podbean is here.  I hope y'all check it out as I plan on doing this more often and getting a separate feed for it.  If you have any feedback let me know because public opinion can shape the direction I take everything.

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me.



  1. Checking in from the “home game”. Weighed in at 227.2lbs today which isdown 3.2lbs in the last 10 days! I was hoping for more but we went camping last weekend and I consumed a little beer ( by little I mean a lot :). The intermittent fasting is going well and got a lot easier after the first few days. I like that it takes snacking out of the equation as I am doing something more than not eating. I am fasting and that time has a purpose.

    1. Today for me was 258.5
      Last Sunday I was at 263.6

      Congrats on the loss. Let's keep it up


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