My Own Personal Shame

I wanted to start out by showing part of the artwork that is being designed for this blog, and the future podcast.  This is done by one of my friends, and a talented guy, Adam Leonhardt.

Now, let the public shaming begin!

One of my favorite things about joining weight loss communities is the before and after shots posted by people who are proud of the achievements they have made during their own journey. 

You look at their before pictures and they usually don't look happy, their posture is off and there is just a general sense of doom and gloom.  Then you see their after picture where their posture has dramatically changed and now there is a huge smile on their face.  The picture emits bliss and it is contagious.

The only way one is able to post those pictures is they have to take the before shots so that they can get to the after.

I took this picture a couple weeks after I started with intermittent fasting with the intention of posting it right away but for various reasons I never got around to it.  Shame was the overwhelming reason, because when I look at the guy in the picture I am unhappy with the way I look and the way I feel.

It is too early in my journey for the after shots, but have no fear because they will come down the line.  This is not a throw-away experiment for me, this is a 100% change of life.

I debated holding on to these pictures for 6 months or so and then posting them with after shots but I decided against it.  I decided that I wanted to be as open and honest as possible about all aspects of this journey.  I can talk about how i'm a Fat Man in Vegas all I want, but unless you know me personally (as some of you do) then you cannot be sure that i'm not just some weirdo on the internet (I assure you I am, but that is not the point) who is just looking for attention and praise.

This is me in my current state.  This is my life and this is my shame.
I am way overweight.  I am out of shape.  I have bad asthma and because I gained so much weight so quickly when I was in college I have amazing stretch marks that make me look even worse than your typical run-of-the-mill fat guy.

Yesterday I responded to someone in a Book of Face post where she posted a Before and a During photo asking if anyone noticed a difference because she wasn't seeing one yet.  My response to her was posting one of the above pictures showing her that we all start somewhere.  I then gave advice about how we won't all see the difference quickly but there are other ways to judge progress.

Since I posted that picture there I figure'd it was time to post my pictures here.

This is me, this is before.
After, I will be amazing.
I will be eye candy.
I will be a head-turner.
Not to be confused with a pizza-turner or even Tina Turner.

This morning on my way to work I happened to spot a shirt that I bought in hopes that one day it would fit me.  You see, I'm a huge Deadpool fan and Walmart didn't sell fat man sizes but I picked it up anyway.
This was probably two years ago and I've never come close to having it fit.


I have a couple of shirts (and some shorts) that I have kept over the years that I would like to either fit into for the first time or be able to wear again.  This is the first of those that I dug up and when I find the others I will continue to post them so that I can keep trying them on to show progress over the coming months.

I am looking forward to the day that I get to show you all after shots of me wearing the same clothes but them actually fitting.  It will be glorious and I will hold my head up high with pride.

Everyday I look at other peoples success stories and it drives me to improve and stay motivated.


I know I have made progress this first month.
I know that I am on the right path.
I know that I have the willpower and determination to get there.
I know that you all will continue to support me and I love you all for that.

I'm going to continue to shill the thing that help keep me motivated including the Weight Loss Challenge that I have joined.  I have 1.5 weeks left and I will easily hit my goals.

If you are interested in joining the Weight Loss Challenge and a community of like-minded individuals, please reach out to Victoria Rose (click her name to send email and let her know the Fat Man in Vegas sent ya).

The other day I released another podcast talking about life, so if anyone is interested I'll embed that below.

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me



  1. Victoria's "Publish" button is broken on her internet so she wanted me to relay the message she was trying to relay....

    "Thank you for inspiring the other Challengers, Duane! You're doing GREAT!"


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