Before I jumped on board this new way of eating I told myself that I was going to be more lax with my rules so that I didn't run into my normal pitfalls.  I told myself that I was going to be easier on myself if I had a setback because no matter what harm I cause I can always recover.

When I set these rules I didn't realize that my body would be testing me so hard so early. 

When you are attempting to lose weight or get healthier everyone always recommends that you pick one day a week and use that as your weigh-in day and there is a reason for that.  The reason is below.

Before I started the whole eating healthier and intermittent fasting thing I had plans.  One of those plans was a retirement party for a good friend of mine and we all met at an Irish pub/eatery for this celebration.  This is not a regular occurrence and I allowed myself to just enjoy the evening and suffer the consequences after.

As far as the intermittent fasting goes I still held within my confines.  I ate until a little later in the evening than normal but on the flip side I just put off my first portion of food the next day until later as well making sure I still attained at least 16 hours of fasting.

The overindulgence is what got me.  I guess 2 Blue Moon's and a big plate of deliciousness were not what the doctor had ordered because my body decided to revolt and tell me that one day of excess was going to set me back a week of progress.  I'm not exactly sure how that worked out but I do know that my body is a hot mess from the way I have treated it and the things I have put into it over the course of the last, let's call it multiple decades.

On the morning of the dinner fiasco I went out with the family to breakfast and ate after about the 17 hour mark holding true to my fast.  We found a breakfast place and I played it safe by going with a meat burrito (bacon, ham, sausage with some home fries and cheese) and it was absolutely delicious.  We then took the kids out to a water park for a couple hours of fun and by the time we got everyone home and everyone was showered up it was time for me to head out to my dinner.  I only ate twice but I was (probably, not probably) high on the caloric intake.  I never dreamed that it would have made this much of a difference though.

Take it in.
I don't like looking at it even though I did it.  My fault.  I take the blame.
I'm not sure how there was a four pound gain and I kind of expected to have a bigger loss getting me closer to where I was on Friday but that didn't happen.  The only thing I can do is learn from this and make better choices in similar situations.

This is a prime example for the don't weigh yourself every day argument.  My buddy Matt (whom y'all might have seen in the comments section) has his weigh in day set at Friday with a possibility of Tuesday as well.  In my head I was going to do the same so that he and I could have something to talk about on Fridays.  We could wax poetic about what we did the past week to lead us to where we were and what mistakes we made or pitfalls we fell into. 

Nope, that wasn't good enough for me. I continued the everyday approach and it really opened my eyes to what one bad day can do to me.  So here I sit, Sunday morning, wondering if next time I'll opt for a smaller portion or if I'll just grab a buffalo chicken salad instead.  It's only a temporary set back but those setbacks are a lot more annoying at the beginning of a journey than they are when you are a lot closer to your goal.  Setbacks at this point in time are the reason most people (this is my educated guess not a researched fact) give up on diets and go back to what they were doing before.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, it is just a different way to eat and I can't wait to talk more about what I have felt in a future post (because this one is getting a bit long winded).

Back on track and working towards 250.  I got this.

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me.



  1. Set Backs = A chance to overcome and be better. This journey is going to be a struggle with no way around it. Its spinning these things in a positive manner that will help one succeed.

    1. And that is pretty much what I am trying to do. But a planned setback is better than one you were not expecting. Easier to get over it mentally


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