Temptation Ain't no Temptation

Yesterday I had a short day at work because I was over my hours and it appears to be a holy sin to get overtime so I worked a shorter shift.  This meant that I got to take the kids to see my parents in the morning before heading to work.

From the previous day I had a late taco salad dinner which meant that I had to put off my eating until a bit later than normal.  I'm used to eating at 10 or 11 am at this point so when I had to put it off until noon I was feeling it even though I'm pretty sure it was all just in my head.

When the time rolled around I had a big bowl of taco meat with my wife's homemade broccoli slaw (broccoli, jalapenos, Greek yogurt and some other seasonings) and it was delicious and hit the spot.  At this point I was really considering going for a 24 hour fast as long as I could easily make it past my normal end time so I ate a little more than I normally would have.

I came in to work and everyone made fun of me because I had brought my lunch (Like I always do at this point) because we were having a pot-luck and a lot of food was brought in by others.  I went into the training room to see what kind of festivities everyone else was partaking in and it was a room full of decadence. Cookies and sodas and chips OH MY.  There were Wings and Cakes and even some Pies! It looked like the type of setting I previously would have made sure to go back when most people went home to see what was left over and take some stuff on my car ride home.

Yesterday was different.
Yesterday I felt indifferent.
Yesterday I walked around the room taking in the sights and aroma and didn't have the urge to grab anything.  I just looked and then went about the rest of my day.

Over the course of the day I had to end up in the room multiple times but the most that happened was a sideways glance to see what other people were eating.  Yes, I was going to easily make it out of today intact and I knew then that the 24 hour fast was on.

I dialed up the water intake!
Yesterday was the most water I have drank by a good percentage (I did not calculate, I just think it sounds more grandiose) to make sure I didn't dehydrate in the 100+ degree Las Vegas temperatures or from the lack of food.

This morning I woke up refreshed and ready to take on the day and make it to 24 hours. 

As I type this I have 3 hours to go to hit 24 and I am feeling some hunger pangs but nothing too serious or intense.  After I get done pounding the keys I still have to get my lunch ready for work.  I have to get the kids ready to take with me to the in-laws who will be watching them.  I have to make sure the toddler has some Gatorade and the baby has some milk for the car ride.  I have to get my backpack ready to make sure I have my Nintendo Switch ready for my lunch break and some great podcasts to listen to on car rides.

Hunger is in my stomach but I can make it three hours.
Three hours ain't nothing.
I haven't felt actual hunger in 20 years and because of that I'm 100 pounds heavier than I was in high school.
I can live with some minor hunger pains to make my goals and know I am working towards a healthier life for myself, my wife and kids and our future!

I got this.

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me.



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