The Office Connundrum

 If the lighting didn't give it away the picture on the left is from nearly midnight July 1st and the picture on the right is my morning groan on July 2nd.  As you can see, Cheetos Chicken Sandwich aside, I made enough right decisions to continue my downward trend.

Yes, I know that I'm just super fat and the first ten pounds are the easiest but that is a damned good thing because that is when I need the most encouragement.  These pictures help!   So, currently coming in under 270 pounds and on my way to 260 which is my first goal.

Which brings me to Tuesday - my first day at my office job since I have decided to give up the snacking and make better decisions.  Ok, not giving up snacking just making better choices and living with the fact that even though my stomach wants it I do not NEED to snack and eat garbage every single day.

 This picture is our snack closet which is mainly for giving out to people showing up for the group activities but up until today it was also something I would dig into to either pass the time, help me with my drive to my retail job or because I want to eat cheesy fish heads while I am working up resume's or typing up blog posts.  Fish-heads Fish-heads Rolly Polly Fish-Heads!  Eat 'em up YUM!!!

This other picture is inside my desk drawer.  As I found out purely on accident the Reese's Peanut Butter cups are for the office, not for the guests. I accidentally gave the rest of them out one day and it caused a stir, a panic if you will, in the office.  Therefore I decided to pay for my mistake by buying the Sam's Club sized container for the office and hiding it in my drawer to make sure we always have some to snack on.  For reference, I have an office full of women and when they need Reese's they NEED reeses and I am not going to stand in their way!!!

Today before I arrived to my office job I went to the grocery store like I said I would.  I picked up some turkey breast,

Dear Reader,
1 - I need a cool word to call you all.
  -- Dear Fatties?
  -- Dear Fat-Heads?
  -- Dear ????
2 - All the above was written on July 2nd with the intention that I was going to go home and add to it and then post it.  Today is July 3rd because I was exhausted and unable to properly use my brain when I got home.....  Now let's finnish.

Last night at work was Awful for a variety of reasons and because of that my brain was actually looking for excuses to eat garbage.  I mean, I seriously had to talk myself out of eating junk multiple times.  I ended up eating more than I wanted but I avoided my normal pitfalls.  I avoided my Oreos, I avoided running to the Ice Cream shoppe in my parking lot.  I stuck to healthier stuff and at the end of the day I was happier for it.

So, Yesterday was one HUGE win!  I successfully survived a stressful day at work which normally would have had me making bad decisions but because I am now thinking about it before I do it I made the right decisions.  I have goals and I have targets to hit before I have my cheat days.  I can do it.

Today I woke up and didn't want to hit the Grocery Store again so I stopped and got a breakfast sandwich but I plan on picking up something better for my dinner.

Tomorrow is July 4th - so no matter where I am at my healthier decisions get to take a break.
I plan on making some Freedom Burgers on the Grill!!!  We will have some Chips as well I am sure.  I plan on going light on the chips but heavy on the Jalapeno and bacon!  I think that the 4th will go just fine and at the very worst it will be just a minor setback.

So, Because this is posting a day after I wanted to post it I now have two more pictures to share.  The one will be how I ended my evening and the other how I began the day.

Also, before I post - one of my Facebook friends decided he was fat enough and has joined me on this journey.  He posted a picture of his feet on a weight machine and he was at 275 so basically right where I started.  Hopefully he gives me permission to talk about him and post his disgusting feet pics on here occasionally to show his progress (THERE WILL BE PROGRESS).

Thank You all for coming along with me on this journey as we try to get off the Fat-Farm!

  Both photo's I am down from the time period before.    My first picture was 274.4 and it was an evening photo.  I am fast approaching that first 10 pounds which is oh so sweet.

- FatManinVegas


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