Weight Loss Challenge - Week 1 Update

On one of the Book of Face OMAD groups that I have gotten myself into there was a weight loss challenge that was starting right before my vacation with an entrance fee of $20.   This challenge was to lose six pounds in three weeks with the guarantee that if you lost the weight then you would get, at a minimum, your money back.  People who failed the challenge would have their money distributed to the winners.  I've been so all in on my goals and this journey that I thought signing up would help motivate me during my vacation to not make unbelievably horrible decisions and not set myself back so much that I was just pissing away my money.

On July 22nd the challenge started and I came in at 258.1, ugly toes and all. Over the past month that I have been taking my weight loss seriously I have been losing 2 or more pounds every single week so I figured that even if I had a week where I didn't lose any I'd still have two weeks where I could come out swinging and make this money back.

Easy Peasy.

So Wednesday morning before we set out on our trip to California for fun in the sun and food in my belly I jumped on the scale and was sitting at 255.7 pounds and I was stoked about this number.  Even if I went a little crazy on vacation I didn't feel like I would end up over my 258 number.

This morning after I got a little bit of sleep in I jumped back on the scale and while I know that my weigh-in came a few hours after my normal weigh-in time and that could have some affect on the number I read a magnificent number on the scale of 255.1 which meant that not only did I successfully not set myself back during vacation, I actually came in slightly under my weight of when I left.

The important thing I need to take away from this is that while I did indulge during vacation eating things like Taco Bell, chow mien, ice cream and more meals per day than I was used to I controlled the amounts that I ate so that I didn't have a set back.  For me though I need to stay strong and keep in mind that even though I didn't have a set back I cannot jump back into this type of eating because my goal isn't to maintain, my goal is to continue to lose.

This week I need to make sure I FOCUS on my intermittent fasting and focus on making the right food choices because vacation is an outlier, not a proof-of-concept that I can eat worse and not have consequences.

This is a big week and this is what I prepared for the entire month of July.  I can live my life and when the time arises I can veer off my path as long as it is a temporary swerve and not falling back into my old lifestyle.  This week is currently the most important week in my journey to being a better, healthier me and I got this! 

I will not let myself down.
I will not let my family down.
I will not fail.
I will succeed.
I will prosper.
I am the change that I want to make.

Week one is in the books and my goal by the end of week three is to weigh 252.1 or less.

The next challenge will be to lose 3% of my body weight or more which is more of a challenge and more in line with the spirit of competition and I will be joining that one as well.
My lifestyle change is permanent and I am determined to hit my goals and I am speaking not only with my words and actions but with my wallet as well.

If you are interested in joining the Weight Loss Challenge and a community of like-minded individuals, please reach out to Victoria Rose (click her name to send email and let her know the Fat Man in Vegas sent ya).

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me.



  1. Thank you for creating and sharing this. I'm especially impressed that you even lost a little weight while on vacation and it gives me hope for myself, too. Am rooting for you to reach 252.1 or less by next Monday! Question: When you do intermittent fasting, how much time do you try to go without food? I'm aiming for a daily fast of 14 hours, but would really like to eventually extend it to 18.

    1. Thank you for checking in. When I started IF I started at 12 hours to make it easy on myself and to cut out snacking at/after work. Then I started testing myself to see how long I could hold out before my first meal while also upping my water intake.
      Right now the minimum I do is 16 hours but I am going to up that to 18 by sometime next week.


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