Importance of the Long Haul

There are three types of people when it comes to weight loss.

1 - The type of person who never weighs themselves and just goes on with their life judging success by the mirror and how their clothes fit.

2 - The person who picks a day of the week and weighs themselves at the same time of day on that day of the week religiously.

3 - The person who weighs themselves every day and even though they are aware that weight fluctuates they overanalyze the daily fluctuations. 

I am a type 3 personality in this scenario.  In fact, I was worse when I first started this as I was weighing myself at night and in the morning.  My Fitbit app was full of fluctuations because of this.  So, I ended up having to cut out the evening weigh-ins (or at last the ones on the scale that sends the data to Fitbit) and just focus on the morning ones. 

Because of this I look at the daily fluctuations and try to figure out what I did differently and why the scale was moving in whatever direction.  For the past week, as you can see, I had two days where I gained a little bit.  Every time this happens I go into detective mode and try to figure out what I screwed up.

Even though I go through that routine daily I still have my eyes focused on the long term prize and not just the short term variance.  While I do weigh in and look at my data every single day, when the week ends I look at where I started and where I finished while ignoring everything in between.

So, even though I had two days where the scale went up, I focus on the fact that started the week 3.4 pounds lighter than where I was a week prior.  They key is keeping that focus and not letting the daily grind interfere with my mindset. I know a lot of people who get discouraged and give up because they focus on sort term results instead of continuing to work at it with the long term in mind.

I cannot allow myself to be that person.  I have my eyes steadily focused on the long term.

Goal #1 - 242.8 by September 1st for the Weight Loss Challenge.
Goal #2 - 240 by September 1st because that is the personal goal I set for myself above and beyond the challenge goal.
Goal #3 - Enjoy my short vacation in September but find a way to not overdo it at the same time.

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me



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