Wagon Mounting Day

Yesterday I ate all the things.  Before I could make it to work I was unusually hungry.  I've been eating my one meal every day at work and I had plans on going at least 24 hours yesterday, but it all went awry when I just couldn't shake the feeling of hunger in the morning.

So, instead of waiting until I got to work, I decided that I would eat lunch and then go for at least 24 hours by skipping my normal meal at work.  All was fine (and dandy) until I got to work and for some reason I was just in an off mood and decided to make some bad decisions.  I had a snack before work which was highly unhealthy and high in calories.

Once dinner time at work hit my entire day had been steadily going downhill and I ended up eating a bag of chips for dinner.  In my mind, the whole time, I knew these were bad decisions but I really just didn't want to stop myself, so I didn't.  I knew that there would be a gain on the scales the next morning and I could just regroup then and get back on the proverbial wagon.

As I sit here typing this I have a 32 ounce bottle of water beside me and Atkins bars just in case I need something to eat before dinner time.  My thought on the Atkins bars is that everything I am eating is low carb, basically borderline Keto, at this point.  The Atkins bars could fill the small hole of need sweets that has struck me out of the blue but still fit within my low carb lifestyle.

So, over the next few days the Atkins bars will be the only thing new being added to my diet and I will track my weight each day that I have one to see how it is affecting me.  Am I gaining? Am i stalling? Am I still losing?  I need to answer all those questions for each new thing I add into my diet so that I can be perfectly in tune with my body and how it reacts to different foods.

The final results of the Weight Loss Challenge Round 8 are in.
There were 36 paid Challengers and 18 of those made goal, exactly 50%.
Of the Challengers who did not pay, not a single person made goal, ZERO percent.

The good news for me is that I made goal and because only half the people made goal I doubled my money.  I accepted my initial buy-in back and rolled over the rest for the Round 9 entry fee.

For round 9 I have to lose 3% of what I weighed this past Monday which was 250.4. This means I have to get down to 242.888 pounds (Losing 7.512 pounds).

This is not good enough for me.  I really want to crush this and get down to 240 pounds which was my goal for September 15th.  Why not just hit it early right?

So, 240 before I head out on vacation and I'll be at peace with the universe.

So fellow Challengers, what is your goal? What is your 3%?
Lets storm this challenge together and hit our goals.  As much as i like making a little profit I want all of us to hit our goals and continue on the road to healthy.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey of mine.



  1. I forgot to send the email so I am not in this round of challenges. However I did weigh in Friday at 226.6 which is my lowest since starting the “home game”. My goal is to be under 218 before you show up.

    1. If you don't make it I'm going to force you to eat horrible for 2 days and give you something to work off lol

  2. Right now my goal is 170 in... Some amount of time. Maybe by October 1st?

    1. The important thing is having a goal and an achievable timeline.
      If hitting it is unrealistic then it's easy to blow it off.
      You got this, unknown stranger on the internet


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