Work in Progress

I am a work in progress.
My determination is a work in progress.
My will power is a work in progress.

I have my good days and my bad days but as long as the good days well out number my bad days I will continue to make progress towards my ultimate goal, being healthier.

Another week has passed and I am down overall during the course of that week. That means that this is also the last week of Challenge Round 9 and it is time to make sure I hit my goal and knock it out of the water.

I had great feedback on my last post where I talked about the types of people who weigh-in and a lot of my friends told me that they are also a Type 3, much like myself.  For some reason, knowing this information is comforting.

Another friend told me that I should look at my weeks in terms of what my average weight was instead of what I weigh each individual day.  With this in mind, and luckily enough, my Fitbit app keeps track of this information for me.

So, while yesterday I broke down and just had an awful day, I want to look back over the past few weeks and see what my averages look like.

June 27th: 274.4
July 1st - 7th: 265.8 average
July 8th - 14th: 263.3 average
July 15th - 21st: 258.6 average
July 22nd - 28th: 256.7 average
July 29th - August 4th: 253.8 average
August 5th - 11th: 252.4 average
August 12th - 18th: 2491 average
August 19th - 25th: 245.9 average

The beauty of averages is it takes gains and losses into the equation and gives you more of a long term picture without the short term fluctuation.  Over the past two months I have had a lot of days with gains but at the end of every week I have been down a bit from the previous week and the averages definitely show steady progress.

Also, if you don't follow my other endeavors, I released a short Backlog Confessional podcast where I brought up the future podcast Fat Man in Vegas, which will be the companion piece to this blog.  I have decided that it will come out at the end of September.  I want to have a number of recordings in the bag before I release it so that if I have a slow week or two I will have constant information to put out.

I hope you all don't mind the wait and I really hope that you'll subscribe to it and follow along much as you do this blog.

And finally, I will be participating in Extra-Life this year.  It is a fund raiser for children's hospitals and my team kicks off their campaign on September 2nd.  So, come September 2nd, I'll have a blog post to push out to everyone to hopefully drum up a few donations for anyone generous enough.

Thank you all for joining me on my journey.



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