Two Weeks

As I sit here and start typing it is 11:53 pm on Thursday April 30th and I just got out of the shower.
30 minutes ago I was drenched in sweat as I was getting in my daily elliptical workout.

Today was day 14.

14 days of getting sick of being fat (again).
14 days of working towards being less fat, again.
14 days of sending my Canadian buddy Sean Capri a message saying I completed another day.

You see, we accidentally started separate exercise programs on the exact same day and then 5 days later had a chat and brought up what we had been doing.  Now we push each other to keep going and continue to hit our daily goals.

Over the course of the last 14 days I have only not gotten on my elliptical twice.  One of those times I took an hour long walk with my wife instead and another day my feet hurt so bad by the time I got home that I could barely walk into my house let alone work up the nerve to try to do at least 10 minutes of exercise.

10 minutes.  That is where I started.  Start small and work your way up.

I was going to come to this space after 7 days and give an update but I wasn't confident enough at that point.  However, 14 days is halfway to 28 and 28 is a magically number that I have been told is where the constant push turns into a habit.

I wanted to jump back on the FatMan in Vegas podcast and sing to the world that I am back but I lack the confidence, so this blog is step number 2 (exercise is step number 1).
When I hit 21 days I think I'll start recording my thoughts again as well as typing them up here.  We will see.  I have 7 more days to think about that.

Total time: 239 minutes 20 seconds
Total Miles: 30.48 miles

10:07 minutes 1.164 miles
10:05 minutes 1.236 miles
12:07 minutes 1.516 miles
23:46 minutes 3.003 miles
16:47 minutes 2.001 miles
11:49 minutes 1.507 miles
20:02 minutes 2.679 miles
26:02 minutes 3.405 miles
30:02 minutes  3.839 miles
24:39 minutes 3.222 miles
23:25 minutes 3.002 miles
30:21 minutes 3.906 miles

See you all again in 7 days.
After 21 days we will see where I stand and how I feel but this is something I plan on keeping up.

Thank you all for coming along with me on this journey.

 -Fat Man in Vegas


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