A New Journey with the Wife

 This pandemic has sucked.

It killed my progress.  It killed my motivation and it killed my willpower.

However, the wife and I have been watching videos for inspiration and talking about what we want to do and we are taking two weeks to make some changes and she wants to attempt 75 Hard.

Honestly, I think it will be a modified 75 Hard for at least the first time through because I really love alcohol.  However, I do believe that I'm willing to cut out beer during this phase and switch to just a little bit of Whiskey now and then instead.  I'm going to go with all Non-Caloric beverages if I do drink anything other than my gallon of water a day.

And lastly, I am going back to Intermittent Fasting as my way of eating.  I did great on it before and then I got cocky and gave it up and now I sit here a big Fat Ass.

You could say I'm literally just a Fat Man in Vegas.

If anyone is still around I hope you follow me on this journey, again.


  1. The virus has been a killer to anything good. Good luck!


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