75 is a Long Time

 I took a look at myself in the mirror and didn't like what I saw.  I saw a man with goals and a destination but who lacked the consistent willpower to get himself there.  I saw a man who has lost nearly 100 pounds and gained 70 of it back only to lose 40 pounds and gain that back.

I saw someone who had to make drastic change to his mentality if he wanted to break the cycle of success followed by inevitable failure.

I also saw a handsome devil with a great biker beard.

I saw myself.

I've been putting a lot thought into the way I need to tackle my weight loss so that it can become a permanent change instead of a temporary one.  

So, instead of changing my diet until I'm happier and then going back, I'm going to work on changing my mental state of being.  I'll also be changing my diet but the key focus is going to be changing the way I look at life and approach it.

This is why I have decided on #75Hard.  I've looked at it in the past and wanted to attempt it but I haven't had the willpower to go through with it.  75 Hard is not a simple diet, it is a life altering boot camp for your mind.

You can find more info about the program HERE and you can listen to the PODCAST HERE.

I have listened to the episode of the podcast, I have read testimonials and seen results from other people and I have ordered the book.  The book should be delivered today and I expect to devour it to help get me through the next couple of months.

75 Hard is a mental challenge to change your life because it does not allow for failure.  It will test your willpower and determination and your desire to succeed and make changes within yourself.  

This is the change that I need and this is why I have chosen to tackle this beast of a program.

Today is day 3 for me.  

I plan on detailing my entire journey through this blog and through my FatManinVegas podcast where I just ramble as well.  I recorded some audio yesterday but when I went to listen back to it my keys were jingling and really annoyed me.

1 Gallon of Water every day.  By the end of this challenge I plan on being off caffeine.

Read 10 pages of non-fiction every day.  I have two books lined up but I know I will need more to make it through the full challenge.

Take a fatty selfie every day so you can see your progress.  I expect to be shocked when I go back and look at day one compared to day 75.

Follow a diet every day.  No Cheat Meals.  I will be doing Intermittent Fasting again as I liked the results and wish I had the determination to keep going with it.  I am cutting out junk food and fast food.  This will require me to meal prep for the week when I work.  This will require me to plan ahead and be prepared.

Workout for 45 minutes twice a day, One of them MUST be outdoors.  I do not make time for exercise and this one is going to really push me.

75 straight days.  No cheating and I must hit every goal every single day.  If there is any fail at all then I have to start back over at Day 1!

I will lose weight during this challenge.

I will become be in better shape after this challenge.

I will have a new mindset coming out of this challenge.  

75 days is a long time and it grows longer if you mess up and have to start over. This is especially going to be difficult because I will be doing this during the big holidays this year.  

Over the next couple of months I will babble on excessively about what I am doing and why I am doing it.  I am doing this for me but I hope others might listen and follow along.  If anyone else is on the road to self improvement then I would like to know.

Thank you all for coming on this journey with me.



  1. My god you sound like a broken record. If you are serious about losing weight and becoming healthy, then stop whining and telling the world your issues and your current strategy. Just man up and do it. Losing the weight is not that hard, and you should do it for yourself and not for your blog readers, significant others, friends, etc.


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