Three Weeks Down - #75Hard

 As the days march on like ants on a log life is starting to get a lot easier.  It has been 3 weeks since I have had any type of snack/junk food and I feel great about that.  I have turned down candy bars, chips, gummies, donuts and ice cream over the past couple of weeks and lately I don't even have the cravings for them when I see them.

As of this morning I weighed in at 259.7 pounds and I started at 271.5 on October 1st.

According to my Aria scale I have gotten my BMI under 40 which means I went from holy crap you're fat to you're still fat fatty, keep working at it.

Last week I only walked 127,566 steps which puts me at 428,789 steps since October 1st.  This has me at over a 20,000 step pace per day.  I don't think I'll maintain that over the course of the full 75 days but I'm going to try my hardest to do it.

A couple of days back I was cleaning out my dresser.  I have some fat clothes in there and some skinny clothes in there so I needed to just clear the clutter and keep only what I'm wearing on a regular basis.  However, I left two items in the bottom drawer that I am actively trying to get back into.

The first item is a Pittsburgh Steelers dress shirt that I bought a few years back when I was working on losing weight. At the time I bought it a size down thinking I was well on my way and I would end up wearing it when I hit those goals.  That time came and went and I found it still sitting there, looking at me with pure guilt in its buttons.  I removed the price tag and made it a promise that I would wear it proudly to work next year and it would fit me the way it was supposed to.

Item number two is a Hockey Jersey that I bought years ago.  I believe the year was 1997 when I was still in college.  I bought this on break because it represents my favorite cartoon of all time (Beavis and Butt-Head) and it also shares the colors of my favorite Hockey Team, the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Now I'm pretty sure that they made this jersey to represent pretty much every team in the league and depending on where you live would depend on which color jersey was shipped but I like to believe that they only made this in Black and Gold because the Penguins are the best NHL team to ever exist.

I don't need more motivation.  I have my kids and that is all the motivation I need.  However, it would be really nice to get back into some of the clothes that I own and have kept over the years for one reason or another.  Come December 2021, whatever clothes I own that are too small for me I will throw away and move on from.  There is no reason to keep them around if I am never going to wear them again.

This past week I reached my 18 hour fasting goal all but one day, that day I fell short by 15 minutes.  However, I made up for it today by going for 23 hours and 28 minutes.  I'm starting to feel more comfortable about going on longer fasts and I am going to choose one of my days off next week to hit that 24 hour mark and see if I can push through to beat my current record of 28 hours by going to whole way to 30.  I'd like to eventually hit 36 and then 48 hours.

Until next week.  Thank you for walking with me

 - FatManinVegas


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    1. Oh yeah! About one 3rd of the way there.
      This is definitely good for me


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