Two Weeks Down - #75Hard

 I'm sitting here at the table and it is 9 am.  I have my son doing his Kindergarten distance learning and I'm having my morning water with some Gfuel so I can get a bit of caffeine in me as I prepare for my day.

I have pulled up my online Fitbit stats and for week 2 I walked 153,146 total steps.  This means I averaged over 20,000 steps every single day and I know yesterday I pulled in 25k alone.  These are still crazy numbers to me and I can't believe I'm doing it every day.

For the total two weeks I am now stepping at 301,223 total steps.  Three Hundred Thousand steps in just two weeks.  My golly!  The things you can accomplish when you make it a point to get up and move every single day with no days off.

On October 1st I was at 271.5 pounds and today I currently sit at 263.3 which means I am rapidly approaching that 10 pound loss.  I've known from before that when I am very consistent with my fasting I see results and adding in the extra walking every single day has helped to expedite that.  By the end of next week I will have reached my 10 pounds which will make me 10 pounds happier.

This is definitely putting the horse in front of the cart but as I continue to lose weight I'm thinking about getting a weighted jacket for my evening walks.  This way I'll keep pushing myself further.  I also want to get a small weight set for the house so that I can start doing some simple weight exercises and maybe tone up a bit.  Of course, it is hard to see tone underneath the layers of flesh and fat but I'll get there.

I hit all my fasting goals this past week.  The longest was 22.3 hours and the shortest was 18 hours.  My 7 day average is 19.9 hours and I'll be happy when I finally push that to 20 and over.  I still want to do a full 24 hours in the near future but I haven't felt comfortable enough yet to do it.

As always I appreciate you guys reading along with my journey.

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