75 Hard day 67 - Can't Hurt Me

 I'm not quite at the end of my journey for #75Hard but the end is rapidly approaching.  When I wake up tomorrow I will have 8 more days left of the challenge and I am really looking forward to ordering up my reward for a job well done.  

Last year I put in a half-assed attempt at 75 Hard without really knowing anything about the challenge other than a set of rules to do for 75 days straight.  A friend had gone through it with some modifications and I though why the hell not!  I have the ability to do a 75 day challenge, I'll just change a few rules here and there to fit it into my lifestyle.

Even with modifications to make it easier on myself I failed.  I attempted to half-ass something and came up empty, then thought nothing about it.

Fast forward to September 2020 and my wife has been watching videos on the Tube of You of people going through the challenge or who had previously done it.  She had passing interest and this sparked something in me that I really can't explain.  I told her if she wanted to do it then I would be down to do it with her.

We talked about it a little more and she said she might be willing to try it and named a start day in Mid-October and I thought that was great.  I looked at the calendar to see when it would end just to be prepared and then out of nowhere I just decided to start doing the program on October 1st.

I told my wife that I was starting it early and if she jumped in when she said she was thinking about I would restart my counter to Day 1 with her and use the lead up days as "practice days" to get into the groove.

Turns out that 75 Hard isn't a program for my wife, but I was already invested so I wanted to continue. I had already ordered the book at this point and was enjoying the challenge so I didn't want to stop. I also decided that when I put in my effort this time I was going to follow the rules the way they were intended.  No substitutions, no deviations.

75 Hard was the second book that I ended up reading on this journey and after reading the book and listening to Andy speak about the program I gained the understanding that this challenge was more a mental challenge than it was a weight-loss challenge.  You go through this program without deviation and you are making yourself mentally tougher and sitting here at day 67 I 100% believe that.

I have not even completed this challenge (but, In 8 days I will) and I already tell people that this has changed my life, my mindset.  

A few books later, due to recommendations, I started reading David Goggins book, Can't Hurt Me.

Can't Hurt Me details, painfully details, David's life from childhood on and all of his struggles.  He goes into bloody detail about how he learned to build his mental toughness to accomplish some amazing physical feats and for me to sit here and tell you that this book is inspiring would be to undersell it.

75 Hard has changed my life, but Can't Hurt Me is the follow up Kick in the Ass that I never knew I needed.  Can't Hurt Me is like this weird action movie montage where by the end of it you want to go out and run a marathon or beat Clubber Lang.  This book gets my adrenaline going and pumps me up in a way that no book has ever done.

In fact, I try to make sure that I read my 10 pages of this book before I go and do one of my 45 minute workouts because I have found that if I read these pages and then jump into my workout I push myself harder and longer than I normally do.  This book makes that much of a difference on my mental state.

I recommend everyone run out and get this book (or, you know, fire up your kindle and get it off of Amazon).  This is a book I am going to read through more than once.  I will buy the audiobook version and listen to it. I am going to take quotes from it and make copies of his challenge pages.  

I might only have 8 days left of 75 Hard but this is just the beginning of my journey.  I have one more goal that I want to push hard and hit before this challenge is over and then I can start working on future goals!

Thanks for reading

 - Fat Man in Vegas


  1. Amazing news - 67 days in with no cheating is quite the accomplishment. What types of changes have you noticed?

    1. Weight loss. More energy. More will power. Sugar craving kicked. Increased determination. Exercise has become a routine I look forward to.

  2. I'm pretty sure the state beyond Super Saiyan is called "David Goggins". Congratulations on that consistent progress!

    1. He is definitely the next human evolution. He is just currently the only one who has transitioned!


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