Countdown to Walk The Year

 If you pop on over to google and type in Run the Year or Run the Edge you'll come across a company who has a unique virtual event that lasts the full year in which your goal is to get in the same amount of miles as the year.

As soon as I saw it I knew that this would be a great challenge for me to partake in for 2021 to continue my fitness goals.  75Hard was great and I made some amazing strides over the course of it, so I definitely wanted to keep finding ways to push myself into the new year so that I don't fall back into my old routines.  Run the Year is that challenge, even though I will be walking most of it.

If you sign up and I still have open spaces you can feel free to join my team, just search for #Backloggers. While it is set up to do 2021 miles as a team my goal is to do the miles by myself.

Since ending 75Hard I have lost an additional 5 pounds and I am pushing hard to get myself to 230 by the time the new year rolls in.  There is no real reason why except it is a nice round number and that will have put my weight loss at over 40 pounds since I started on October 1st.

Once I hit that 40 pound mark my next two goals are already laid out before me and they kind of go together.  Goal number 1 would be to hit my wedding weight, which I'm going to say is 220 pounds, maybe 218 pounds.  Goal number 2 is to weigh less than my buddy when he comes and visits at the end of March.  If I am constantly working on it then I will easily surpass my wedding weight so that I can weigh less and have the bragging rights.

The only thing that is going to slow down my weight loss is me starting some strength training.  I have ordered some resistance bands (or, I have at least added them to my cart on Amazon) and I also plan on doing weekly sit-ups to help strengthen my core.

I threw these up on Instagram but this is a good place to share as well.

The difference from these pics is October 22nd and December 14th.


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