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 Over the course of #75Hard I have been getting in a lot more steps as a natural result of walking more.  So, I got to thinking and was curious what my numbers looked like over previous years when I was not doing the program.

Looking at past data is always fun for me and I didn't realize that I have been using a Fitbit since 2013.  In fact, I have all of the same time period for 2013 - 2019 except one year where I broke a Fitbit and didn't replace it because I had such sever Plantar Fasciitis that I could barely walk and didn't care.

I'm going to put this data in the form of Steps and Miles during my 75Hard time frame (October 1st - December 14th) and then what I did for the entire year.  Obviously when I get to 2020 I won't be able to put the year data since it is not over yet but I will make it as up-to-date as possible.


75Hard - 857,361 Steps and 388 Miles

Year - 1,706,93 Steps and 777.46 Miles

I got my Fitbit in August so these stats are reflective of August through the end of the year. 


75Hard - 886,089 Steps and 400.35 Miles

Year - 4,466,553 Steps and 2019.11 Miles

If I was doing the Walk The Year challenge for 2014 I would have hit my goal and added 5 miles to it. This gives me great confidence in doing the challenge for 2021!


75Hard - 844,816 Steps and 382.1 Miles

Year - 3,731,457 Steps and 1686.2 Miles

2015 would have been a failure for Walk The Year and not even close.  In fact, this year was a big step back over 2014.


75Hard - 874,080 Steps and 394.91 Miles

Year - 4,231,987 Steps and 1915.48 Miles

This year my steps were close to what they were in 2014 but I was still over 200,000 steps less. I also would have missed the Walk The Year by nearly 1000 miles.  I must have been highly motivated in 2014!!


75Hard - Broken Fitbit - No Data

Year - 3,450,120 Steps and 1558.86 Miles

The data tracked for this year is January through August and then like 200 steps in December when I finally gave in and purchased a used Fitbit from a pawnshop on December 31st because I missed having it and was feeling better finally.  I feel like these are great numbers for only having 8 months of the year and a nagging injury. I feel like I would have easily hit Walk The Year and crushed my best year overall if I had replaced my broken Fitbit right away.


75Hard - 971,411 Steps and 438.83 Miles

Year - 4,534,804 Steps and 2049.64 Miles

2018 Became my new best year by less than 100,000 steps and a few miles.  Walk The Year would have been successful hitting it during the last month.  The other thing of note is that there is a bit uptick in activity for the 75Hard period compared to the pretty minimal uptick during the entire year.


75Hard - 991,923 Steps and 447.93 Miles

Year -4,676,160 Steps and 2112.6 Miles

Another year of increased steps as I increased by 140,000 steps and I increased my miles by over 60 miles during the year.  Back to back years of hitting Walk The Year gives me the supreme confidence that I will CRUSH my goals in 2021 because I know I am killing them now.


75Hard - 1,586,385 Steps and 715.37 Miles

Year (to date) - 5,658,310 Steps and 2,552.98 Miles

Almost 600k steps more than previous year and nearly 300 more miles as well.

75 Hard!!!


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