Weekly Update 1

My history is a little longer than the chart above would tell you but some friends have recommend some apps to track fasts and help out.  I am currently using two different apps and will play with them to figure out which I like more so that I can just use one that has features I like.

My transition to the 16 hour fast has been a complete success as I have hit my goal every single day and have been going longer without much thought.  You can see that in the above seven day span I hit 17 hours 3 times and 18 hours 4 times so I figure it is time to step up my game and just make 18 hours my new goal.  I haven't quite mentally figured out how this is going to work yet because I have to plan my eating hours around work but I have faith I can make this work.

Last night was the first time I struggled since the beginning but the more I thought about it the more I think the struggle was because of this dry Las Vegas Heat!  It was another high triple digit day and after eating my dinner I was feeling sluggish and a few hours later I had the urge to eat more.  I kept pounding down my water and ignoring the urge and eventually it passed and that is what lead me to believe that the heat was affecting me like that.  This morning, in a well air conditioned office, I have not had any real urges to eat until just recently and not until after my 18 hour fast goal had passed.

I'm typing this up before I break my fast which is probably why I keep typing about the fast.  So let's switch to weight-loss which I'd like to touch upon every week with an update.

The July 1st - July 7th average was 265.8 and this past week my average weight was 263.4 pounds.  You'll notice a steady weight loss and then a spike during the week and I touched upon that in my last post where I went to a retirement dinner for a friend and overindulged. 

That was a bigger gain that I was expecting as I gained 4 pounds and had to start working my way back down.  Even with that setback I found myself back on track the very next day and everything is moving in the right direction.  The week was still a success as I was 2 pounds lighter than the prior week.

In the past few days I have another friend who I have been talking to and she does OMAD (One Meal A Day) and has provided me links to websites and Book of Face groups so I can gather information and join communities that are very supportive of people going through similar situations.   While I am not on OMAD I do plan on working it in at some point (but not doing it every single day).

Intermittent fasting while not a diet has done more for me in the past two weeks than any dieting attempt I have ever tried has done.  By limiting my hours and making better decisions on what is going into my body while loading up on water every single day I have managed to pretty much flush sugar out of my system and I literally do not crave sweets any more.

Previously, no matter what diet I was trying, I would still crave the sweets every day and now that I look back on it maybe part of that is because even though I was dieting I was still drinking sodas and energy drinks.  In the past two weeks I have drank soda once (during a family breakfast at a restaurant) and I have not had an energy drink in over a week (though honestly I still want to hunt down and have one of those Marshmallow Rock Stars).

And finally I would like to talk about community.  I have a great community around me.  My good buddy Matt makes sure to add to the comments section as he is now trying intermittent fasting as well.  I have friends who make sure to comment on the Book of Face every time I share a post and I have friends on Twitter who comment there.  It is great to get constant feed back and know that there are others out there doing the same and supporting me every step of the way.

One other friend who I want to point out is my buddy JC on Twitter who has been on his own weight loss plan for awhile now and had a goal to bet at a certain weight by September 15th.  Yesterday he Tweeted that he was exactly 20 pounds away and has two months to get there.  In order to support him and help with my own motivation I told him I'm playing along with him to hit that 20 pounds down in the next two months.  Yesterday I was at 261 so I'm just going to round and keep this goal at even numbers and my goal for September 15th is 240 pounds!   We got this.

Today I weighed in under 260 and am now less than 10 pounds away from my next goal.
Speaking of that 250 goal.  One of my other buddies and my podcast co-host provided me with half of a Nintendo e-shop code and told me he'd give me the second half once I hit 250 - More Motivation!

So my next two goals are set and I look forward to the challenge.
What are your goals? What are you doing to hit your goals? What is your motivation? 
Let me know below!

Thank you all for coming along on this journey with me.



  1. Congrats on the progress you've made so far! And here's hoping you hit your goals. :D

    I've tried intermittent fasting myself in the past, but I think I probably should have weened myself onto it instead of jumping off the deep end and trying to do full 24 hour fasts right off the bat. Unsurprisingly it didn't last long.

    I've been considering getting back on the wagon when it comes to my health and fitness and reading your posts have really inspired me to take it more seriously!

    Keep up the great work and buy something good with that eShop card when you get it!!

    1. Oddly enough your posts have inspired me to write more and I am really enjoying it again.
      If you try it again start easy with 12 hours for a few days then try a couple 16 hours.
      Work your way up instead of setting yourself up to fail.

    2. I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying writing! I can definitely see it in your more recent posts. And as always they're entertaining and an outright joy to read. :)

      Yeah, that's probably what I should try and do. Start with a half day fast and work my way up. I've been discussing it with my wife as well and she seems to be on board so that'll at least make it a bit easier.


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